Health Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)


CBD has a non-psychoactive component of Cannabis Sativa. CBD (Cannabidiol) has surprisingly had positive health benefits for a variety of diseases. Some of the beneficial effects of CBD include nausea treatment, reducing anxiety, relieving pain, fighting cancer and stimulating appetite in patients. These health benefits are brought about due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antiemetic and antipsychotic agent nature. The effects of CBD oil will depend on how you ingest it and how much you weigh. For instance, if you spray the CBD oil on a small-bodied person, the effects of the oil will be much faster on that body as opposed to when a larger person takes the CBD in the form of a capsule. This article will expound more on the health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) .

First, CBD oil is known for its ability to relieve pain. Researchers’ show that the CBD inhibits neuronal transmission in pain pathways hence relives pain and inflammation patients. CBD or cannabinoid can suppress chronic pains, muscle, arthritis and spinal injuries pain. Further to that, the buccal spray that comes from CBD and THC combination has proven to be a potential medicine in treating neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis.

Secondly, CBD can assist in managing anxiety. Studies show that CBD can change the way brain’s receptors react to a chemical known as serotonin that is associated with mental health.  These receptors are small protein found in brain cells which are responsible for conveying messages helping your cells respond to different stimuli. Evidence shows that people who show signs of social anxiety can give a speech when they take a small dosage of CBD. In addition to reducing anxiety, CBD may be able to reduce stress, induce sleep in cases of insomnia, improve symptoms of PTSD and reduce physiological effects caused by anxiety such as increased heartbeat.

Although the research for CBD in the treatment of seizure disorders and other neurological disorders is underway, it has shown that CBD may be used in the treatment of these diseases. Researchers are yet to prove how safe it is in the treatment of epilepsy, but there is hope. CBD oil could be the next medicine for neurodegenerative disorders which include stroke, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. These conditions are known to cause the deterioration of the brain and nerve cells. What’s more, CBD oil may be able to reduce the inflammation that worsens the neurodegenerative symptoms.  To read more about the benefits of Cannabidiol, go to

Another study that is still underway is the study of the role of CBD in preventing the growth of cancer cells. This research says that CBD may be able to treat cancer side effects as well as alleviating cancer symptoms. CBD can moderate inflammation and alter how cells reproduce.